Heya Anglers

Here is a small guide all about leads, an incredibly important piece of kit that keeps your bait on the bottom and supports your cast.


Distance leads

This shape of lead comes in a variety of sizes and is great for long distance casting and perfect for when you need help with accuracy of your cast.

With their stream line shape they will soar through the air and will keep on target even in windy conditions.

You will find that the distance lead may embed itself into silty beds, like a bullet into butter, but do not fret as these leads will easily come loose.

Unfortunately these leads have a small surface area and when combined with their stream line shape are not the best at self hooking a fish!



Flat Pear

The Flat Pear, Available in a variety of sizes and shapes are to be used for short to medium angling.

With the two flat sides sitting flush on the waters bed and its dumpy shape, this lead works wonders on marginal slopes and can hold still in mild river flows.

These usually come with a swivel attachment allowing them to be used with lead clips or as a free running lead.

This lead provides a great bolt rig effect due to its shape and resistance of the waters bed.





Square Pear

This really is an all rounder lead, allowing the angler to feel all the movement of the hook bait.

This lead will find its own bed and will be less likely to roll around like other styles on the market.

With a smooth tapered end it will reduce tangle and will be less likely to roll down mild shelves.

This lead is compact and will allow any fish to feel the whole weight of the lead upon pulling at the hook bait.

A super bolt rig lead available in many sizes and colours.










Grippa lead.

For use on high shelf’s and stronger rivers, this lead does what it says on the tin. It grips!

It has been known that this lead can grip similar to a pear lead, twice the weight!

Using this lead will ensure that your bait stays still leaving your bait presented where you want it.

Use a small Grippa lead to gain the extra grip compared to other leads and make a smaller splash to prevent spooking the fish away.

The Grippa has become increasingly available in Europe as fishing in strong current rivers such as the river Ebro gain popularity with big cat and carp anglers.

It has been known for people to add some paste or ground bait to the hole within this lead for an advantage when angling.





Pear Lead

The Pear Lead is a super piece of kit as it will provides distance and resistance to wind. The Common pear is suitable when fishing on a flatter bottom.

Pear leads are prone to bedding themselves into soft beds like silt, this style of lead is best used when casting medium to long range on a gravelled venue.


This lead would not be suited to rivers or banks as it will roll about on the bed and may increase the chances of a tangle and a lost chance of a catch.




Stonze weight

A great weight for the super camo angler.

This style of lead is brought to the table by PALLATRAX and is highly rated by many barbell anglers as it fits in well with river beds and will not stand out amongst the natural pebbles and gravel.

These come in a variety of natural shapes and are available in inline too.

A mixed bag of Stonez are essential as all are individual and will have their own unique casting properties.






Tournament lead

If you need a few extra yards on your cast then this is the lead for you.

With its stream line body, this lead will glide through the air like no other.

The best choice for a lengthy cast with good precision and available is a variety of sizes.

This lead will embed itself deep into the silt but can easily be removed.





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