The fishing world is full of news and reviews about angling accessories that will make your 24 hour session more pleasurable than the last. Reviews on cups, measuring pots, burners and pans are very common. One thing that I have not seen so much of is a review on all of the above.
SO the guys and gals at Jet boil have asked that we take a look at their MicroMo personal cooking system. This review will be honest and will contain my own thoughts, we are not sponsored in any way by Jetboil and they have been informed that I will speak the truth and nothing but the truth.


I have been fishing for many moons now, I have all the pans, pots, I even have a duel coleman burner that resembles a carpy suitcase, man its big but to be fair it does make short work of a fry up. I tend to get on the bank for a day rather than a few nights these days and this has changed the way in which I load up the motor with camo green bags, sacks and goodies.

The Jetboil company is huge, they have really taken the cooking systems to another level. let me tell you a little more about the MicroMo system.

Weighing in at 340grams this it light enough to carry around with you on any angling trip, no need for a kettle and extra pots, it’s all here in one system.

Let’s have a look at what you get in the box.



This is a 0.8 Litre cup made from lightweight but hardy material, Inside the cup you can see a fill up guide to make sure that you do not overflow. This cup holds enough for two cups of your favourite bevvy on the bank. At the bottom of the cup is some crazy pattern of metal that they call the patented FluX Ring, on further investigation, this ring of awesomeness supports even distribution of heat and the element gives a large surface area for heating. This will in turn heat your contents faster and more efficiently.

We will talk about heat times later on. Oh and it comes with a very swish neoprene cover to support insulation properties and a handle that is hardy, all of which can slip off for a good clean.



Yup, it’s a lid made of rubbery plastic, it locks down tight and has an adequate size hole to slurp your brew through. there is a hole in the middle which support a coffee caffetiere type gadget which is sold as an accessory. Again very cool for the morning brew.


Each kit comes with a fuel stand, this simply unfolds and clips right into the bottom of your fuel cell keeping everything stable and safe. Remember folks that safety is top priority especially if you are making a brew in the bivvy.

The system uses a isobutane/propane mix and they do sell fuel cells in a variety of sizes. Non jetboil ones can also be used so no need to stick to the branded ones.


The system comes with a nice little bottom bowl that attaches to the bottom of the cup when you are drinking, not only does this support the potential for a burn it also creates a more stable base. You can also use this as a measuring cup or serving bowl. Porridge o’clock!


Not only can you boil water or cook food in the main cup, the system comes with a pot stand IF you needed to cook up any extra beans. Jetboil have an amazing accessory range and it is definitely worth checking out. For me, I probably won’t use it, a brew and a bit of soup is enough to keep me going.



Ok so this is where it gets good, Jetboil have created a burner with an incredible simmer control. They call it the “proprietary regulator technology system” to be fair that sounds a lot better.  This unbeatable simmer control has reliable cold- weather performance down to 20°F (-6°C). That’s cold!. With this system you won’t need matches either! As the system has an electronic sparker to get the fuel alight in one click. The controls are great, with four complete turns to get it up to full whack this will get the gas blazing and your meal cooked in no time, turn it back and you have a gentle simmer that will cook those sausages through like a dream.

The great thing about this system is that it all packs into its self, no need for carrying extras.



Everyone is desperate to have the best stove that boils water faster than anything else. This confuses me, when fishing I seem to have a lot of time on my hands, make rigs, clean out the tackle box even attempt a little whittling with the blunt knife that I carry then clean out the tackle box again.

Why would I want anything to go fast, for me it’s more about weight and how compact the system can be compared to the boiling times.

Fortunately , the MicroMo does both.

The performance is this, 500mls of water will take 2.15 mins to boil in good conditions, a wind shield can be used to speed it up but again thats more to carry.  A 100g fuel cell will last one hour which can equate to around 50 single cups of brew. Not too shabby!

For me, this product is amazing and I highly recommend it.

As for the cons … I cannot really see any, it would be good if the bottom bowl was made of metal but then you would be at risk of a burn. I would like it if the handle was solid, but then it would be poorly balanced and again would cause heat transfer. They really have thought of everything.

The one thing that may put people off is the price. You can pick these up for just over 100 quid. It may seem a lot but if you have a creative mind you can tick many many boxes with this system.

Using the cup on its own may limit you to soups, sausages and beans and mainly canned foods but with the option to use a pan or other cooking accessories you can keep your dining options open.

If you wish to have a look online then check out to see what else they have on offer. Again the accessory section is very cool and worth a look.

I will be taking this to the bank with me very soon and I will make sure that I go LIVE on facebook to show you it in action. In the mean time I’m off to make a brew.

See you on the bank!


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