Portable Solar Powerbank

Hello peoples of the angling persuasion. I was asked by a company called ROAMPROOF to review one of their products.

Being keen to spread the word about gadgets and other angling goodies I swiftly took them up on the offer. The product is something that you may see a lot of on the market, some that come in a variety of shapes and sizes and some that last a lot less than others. I am of course talking about power banks, little boxes of electricity to keep our phones, laptops, lights and other cabled devices going whilst were on the bank.

Out of all the power banks that you see on the market, this one is a little different. I will tell you why…

This is a monster, the king Kong of all power packs. Providing enough energy to fulfil your needs when dangling a line. It’s pretty sleek looking coming in black and grey Silica Gel Armour, it has a tactical feel that can manage most accidental drops, the rubberised corners provide a great bounce as tested from my own bedroom window, to be fair it was onto grass but not many anglers will be throwing this onto concrete from their first floor peg.

The item is simple to use, plug it in to charge and when the blue lights are all on, you are ready to go. Yeh it does take a while to charge but you wouldn’t expect a car battery to be fully charged in 20 minutes. It packs a Lithium Polymer 20000 mAh battery that when on test kept my phone going for a whole week, Being a facebook and you tube addict that takes some doing. Charging time to full power takes around 10 hours. If you’re getting low then whip it in the sun, The Roam proof power bank also hosts a solar panel that will trickle that beast up to full power in no time.

Some of you may say, “But if my phone is charging, how will I power my torch or radio?” well Roam proof have added four USB ports to keep multiple devices going something that others dont.

Within the pack you get 2 great accessories. A black tactical carabiner to keep it locked onto your ruck sack, fishing bag or even onto the top of your bivvy, You will also get a splash proof hardened case to store your multiple cables. This does come with 2x Iphone cables and 2x Micro UBS cables all wrapped in fibres to prevent cable damage when on the bank.

OH I forgot to mention that this pack also hold 4x 3 in 1 led lights giving you a very powerful torch, SOS light and strobe, booming off 200 lumens of light. Perfect for when your wind up torch has packed up.

This is only my opinion but compared to some of the power packs on the market I believe that this is a real contender, be realistic, get the best power to price and weight ratio and this one has it all. I’m one for packing light and keeping on the move and this works perfect for me. Check this product out asap and let me know what you think!

The Fishing UK app rating!

Cost – Coming in at 139 dollars, you get what you pay for. Buy cheap buy twice.

Weight – A little bulky weighing in at 472g but nothing to moan about.

Efficiency – A truly powerful piece of kit.

Design – Well crafted, sleek and solid, Waterproof is also an added bonus.

Over all Fishing UK app rating = 4/5

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That’s it from me, I’m off to the bank with some power in my pocket ready to take some snaps!

See you on the bank.