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This is going to be a relitively small piece of work but one that I have been pondering over for the past few weeks.

I am Luke, a 33 year old chap who loves the sport of fishing.

Throughout my life I get asked all the time, “but why do you fish? thats so boring!” or “I just dont have the patience for that” and “I have better things to do than sit in the cold”. This got me thinking, I have been doing it for many years now and it is something that really supports my mental health, giving me time to relax and spend time with friends in the open air. Not to mention the adrenaline I get when those alarms get buzzing!

But why does everyone else hit the bank?

We all need things in our lives to concentrate on. Whether your enjoy flower arranging, art, photography or knitting. It is completely up to you. I am genuinely happy that you have something in your mind to keep focus and spend time concentrating on. For those that dont have a hobby, I dont think you know what you are missing out on. Not only the oppertunity to develop skills but also the oppertunity to meet new people and see new sights. Set some goals and achieve something new.

We are surrounded by campaigns about mental health week and angling is my medication to keep me going. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who do not have the same opportunities to support themselves. Take a friend with you, introduce a young person. Have a good think about why you fish and how you can support someone else In experiencing the same as you do. For me its not all about the branding, tackle and baits. Its about being on the bank. I once fished a small lake on a campsite in France with a bamboo cane and a small bit of line. Didn’t catch, but it was very exciting to try.

Asking around, I now know that for some it is not all about being outside or being with friends. Its literally about the catch. The hunt for big bertha is more important, no judgements, thats fine. It does baffle me though when anglers go home upset and annoyed that all they caught was a 3 pounder. For me, a fish is a fish and I am grateful for any species caught.

If you have pondered about your reasons for fishing and have narrowed down the answer to the question, What do I get out of fishing? Then think about this.

If fishing supports your mood, gives you time to relax and reflect on daily things that may be causing stress or upset. How often are you treating yourself to this time? Would four half days on the bank be more beneficial to you than a 48 hour stretch. I am fully aware that many people including myself struggle to get in the bank with work and family duties to attend to. But when I am out with my tackle I truly make the most of this occasion. Pick a scenic venue away from traffic, some good food and a good friend for company, maybe a little book to keep me educated too.

This is my time to recharge.

Whens your next time?

See you on the bank people and keep healthy!

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