The Pike

Esox lucius


Pike tend to be at the top of the food chain and are known as aggressive predators. This solitary fish is long and powerful. It will lie in concealed areas ready to ambush any fish that passes by. Young pike will use their speed to catch their meal whereas older pike will scavenge for slow, injured or dead fish to feed upon.


The largest UK Pike to date comes in at a huge 46lb 13oz. The average Pike will not reach over 10lb.


The average size of an adult Pike will rarely exceed 130 cm from top to tail.


The average life expentency for a Pike is around 18 years of age.


A pike thrives in environments where smaller shoaling fish are present. Young Pike will swim with others but once reaching maturity they will be solitary and aim for more open waters.


The Pike species are extremely aggressive and will attack anything that passes their nose. The Pike are known to manage their own numbers within lakes and rivers by eating members of their own species for an easy meal. Pike will locate itself around spawning areas with an aim to cath a variety of meals.


Pike will naturally eat smaller fish but have been known to also eat birds. Pike will seek out dead or injured fish for an easy meal. Pike will attack both live and dead baits. Live baits are best when hooked lightly allowing more momentum when trying to escape. Using spinners are a lethal way to attract a a pike and also very enjoyable.


Pike will meet adulthood around 2 to 3 years of age.


Pike will lay around 15000 to 30000 eggs per kg of body weight, generally around March to May time within temperatures between 6 to 10 degrees. Pike will spawn in dense weed away from other predators.


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