The Fishing UK app team have worked with many companies over the years to bring you swift reviews on the latest products that may not be seen in your Angling stores.

This is a review about a storage solution by the well known company NiteIze who have an incredible amount of products which can be found at

Today we will be reviewing the Gear Line, a multi functional system that enables quick access to your products, keeping them safe and sound for when they are needed.

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In short the Gear Line is a 4ft piece of tacticle webbing which hangs in your desired area via two gear ties. The webbing contains multiple hoops which house the included s-biners.

The biners come in a selection of sizes and colours to suit any product that you wish to hang. On a recent camping trip I tested mine out over my hammock and it worked wonders. Everything in needed in perfect reach.

Storing a torch, phone, keys and the large can of stella which held beautifully on the ring pull. I was the envy of my fellow campers who, on many occations had to exit their nest to reach for another tinny.

I guess that when I am on the bank, This product will be used to store such items like a torch, phone, cup, keys and some loo roll, rig wallet and my handy fishy towel. All the essentials ready and waiting to be used. In prep for a night away, I have tied a small piece of leather to my baiting needle ready to be hooked as I seem to lose these on a regular basis. Even my weighing scales may be hung up, but I may not wish to tempt fate.

Although this product could seem a little pointless, you really wont know how you have managed without it. It is simple, packs away small and only weighs 4.48oz.

gearline3Some may worry about how much room this will take up? There is potential to attach this to your guy line of your bivvy, you will then have even better access to all your gear when it is needed most and can bring it in at bed time.

At 19.99, it is not a bad price. The s-biners are good quality, they can hold a fair bit of weight too. The webbing, good luck on trying to break that!

niteize image

(Pic taken from Niteize website)

For a lightweight storage solution, I really do rate this item. It is cheap, lightweight and does exactly what it says on the box.

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Enjoy and see you on the bank.