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I have been asked to write a review for a company called @burtonmccallltd who provide the country with some amazing products that keep us entertained. Check out their goodies at www.burton-mccall.co.uk.

This review will be about the Victorinox Fisherman Pocket knife or multi tool set.


This fisherman tool is a 91mm legend from the well known Swiss Army Knife Collection. It boasts the traditional red celidor handles which featured a stunning emblem of a fish inlaid into the top scale.

I am one to carry many items onto the bank and find myself rarely using those items that burnt so many calories lugging to my special swim. I will review this item one tool at a time and see what other products this can replace when on the bank.


You have probably guessed that this has a blade, well it actually has two. At this point we will only be talking about the larger stainless steel blade which is darn sharp, fresh out of the box. We all need a knife when on the bank, wether you are cutting line, meat, bait or finely chopping a salad. It does not matter. Victorinox are known for their blades and this thing keeps an edge really well. I have recentely had a message from an angler who had his given to him years ago and it is still slicing bacon sarnies on a weekly basis.

Items to leave at home –

  • Dining knife
  • Cooking Knife
  • Bait Knife (dead Baits)

(Obviously would need a wipe in between sarnies and baiting)


Half the size of the above blade this one is ideal for the more intimate actions.

Perfect for fine tuning putty, setting up a snowman rig by reducing a boilie size or even topping off a rag end of a long hair rig.

This is again a very sharp blade out of the box, I have heard that some re sharpen these when they arrive, I didnt feel the need to.

Items to leave at home –

  • Other small knives
  • Rig Aids


Most anglers carry a pair of scissors or even nail clippers.

These spring loaded shears will cut most fabrics, line and packaging. Meaning that your other items are deemed useless.

I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the blades on these scizzors as I was half expecting them to be a lot smaller than they actually are.

Items to leave at home –

  • Rig scissors
  • Line snips
  • Larger scissors


Yup you guessed it, it has its very own can opener.

It resembles the old school army style opener and its sharp too. I have tried this on a can of beans and it worked a treat. Perfect for openeing any bank side canned good. If you are wanting to use this often then I recommend having a practice at home as there is a certain “nack” to it.

For all those that have never seen one in action, have a gander at you tube.

At the point of the blade there is a small flat section which also works wonders as a micro flat head screw driver, I am not sure if this was on purpose but it is there if needed.

Items to leave at home –

  • Can opener
  • Small Screwdriver


This part is a trio of goodies.

Having the ability to open a bottle whilst stripping back a coated braid and to have the right tool to fix that wonky arm on your chair! BOOM. you got it all.

Items to leave at home –

  • Beer/bottle opener
  • larger flat head screw driver
  • rig tool or braid stripper.


Ruler, perfect for those who want the best rig in the lake with precise precision. Get those hairs matched up to perfection every time. comes in CM and INCHES.

Descaler, great for some anglers who wish to eat their catch, great for preparing a fish before it goes in the pan. This tool will whip off any scale that it meets. If you are a catch and release angler then you could use it as a steak knife. Admittidley it is not the sharpest but it will hack through a burger bap with ease.

Hook Remover or discorger, to be fair, it will work. I would probably use my other one for this job as I do not want to cause and unecessary harm to the fish. I guess with a bit of practice it would work.

If you are keen to give anything a try then the pointed end can make for a good fork! Ideal for chips when compared to the old school chip shop wooden utensil.

Items to leave at home –

  • Rig ruler
  • Potentially another knife
  • Hook remover
  • Fork


An easy one, leave that screwdriver at home.

You can now tighten that reel or secure your bed with ease!

Its unlikely that people will bring a screwdriver but you have one here for free.

Items to leave at home –

  • Screwdriver


I have no idea why they would add a “multi purpose hook” in the mix.

I have racked by brains but did think that this could be handy as a intergrated rig puller or knot tightener!

I tried this on a piece of cordage and it does the job very well! Gives a good grip and is very sturdy.

If you can think of another reason to use this when on the bank, Answers on a postcard if you please.

Items to leave at home –

  • Rig puller


Umm this one is a little random, let me just have a gander at google,

Ok so its a sewing tool. if you have some spare cotton and hole in your nickers then crack on. If not then this could make for a good pokey thingy.

Items to leave at home –

  • sewing kit
  • pokey sticky thing

This tool is incredible, the weight and feel of this product screams quality. Everything is sharp and oiled up to ensure that it lasts a lifetime.

It even comes with a pair of tweezers and a tooth pick.

Thats 23 potential items you can leave at home, make your tackle box lighter and concentrate on the fishing rather than wasting time on “where did i put my fork?”.

I give this product top marks and I was surprised to see that it only retails for around 30 pounds! I was expecting it to be a lot more than that.

For more information check out this WEBSITE.

That is all from me, See you on the bank.


All thoughts are my own. 🙂

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