Thymallus thymallus

Current British record: 4lb 4oz (2009) Paul Mildred, Wessex River


This fairly flat sided fish is a relative to the salmon family, it has a smaller head in comparison to its body but is known for its beautiful large dorsal fin. The grayling is also known as ‘The lady of the stream’ maybe because of their flowing appearance beneath the water. Grayling are favoured by trout anglers as they make a good challenge and can be caught using similar tactics.

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With an average weight of six ounces to one pound these fish are not a large species but they are great to catch and look beautiful if seen up close.


The average size of an adult Grayling is around 7 to 12 inches in length.


The Grayling’s lifespan ranges between six to fourteen years.


Grayling are only available in rivers flowing waters. The Grayling will spend its time in hollows in banks and under over hanging trees and bushes.


Grayling are hard fighters and will use all their energy to hunt and escape being caught. When caught, it is best to hold the fish in the water before release to allow time to recover.


Grayling will eat smaller baits. Single or double maggots are a favoured bait for anglers. If you’re using a fly, then September to December will bring you better luck. In the colder months Grayling will head to the bottom, a sinking line with a nymph fly will give great results.


A Grayling will mature around three years, after they have reached maturity their growth will start to slow.


The Grayling prefer waters at the temperature between eight to fourteen degrees. They tend to spawn in the shallows where they can lay their eggs amongst the gravel. The lady Graylings will produce around 5000 eggs per kg in weight. Their eggs are around three millimetres in diameter and will take around three weeks to hatch.


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