Hello Blog readers and angling enthusiasts.

I write to you with an update from a previous blog.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to write about the anglers choice when it comes to multi tool pocket knives.


You can see this Blog HERE.

The blog went mad with hundred of people reading about this tool within a short space of time.

All the research and blogging got me slightly obsessed with Victorinox knives and my modification searches came across a company called Tortoise Gear.

They can be seen at www.tortoisegear.com.


They have produced a product that is so awesome I had to write about it.

Being a camper, angler and general outdoorsman I love cracking open the stove and banging out a brew. Whether it be on a gas burner or an open fire there is always time for boiling up some foreign coffee beans and enjoying a fresh hot brew, much needed at this time of the year too.

The product that I was interested in is called “The Fire Fly” it is a micro ferro rod.


What is a ferro rod I hear you ask?

Ferrocerium is a synthetic pyrophoric alloy that has the ability to produce hot sparks which can reach temperatures up to 3.000 degrees centigrade. This reaction occurs when the alloy is hit or struck with a hard sharp object. Ferrocerium rods are usually at place in any wild mans pack and a preferred fire starting source for any zombie apocalyptic prepper and tend to come in a rod shape averaging 10cm in length, with a 8mm diameter.

This new design, fits perfectly in the same spot where the flimsy took pick once lived in your army knife, super snug and capped with a glowing point ready to be pulled from its lair at any time.


Its tiny! At first I was a little dubious about the effectiveness of this but whammy, I started a fire and ignited my stove in just a few strikes. This product can take some practice, but when you have the right angle and efforts are consistent, you will have a flame glowing in no time.

The Swiss army blog talked about how many items you don’t need to carry about with you when handling the tool kit, well this small product saves you carrying yet another item. A lighter or an old school box of matches!

With potentially hundreds of fire lighting opportunities in one stick you will not need to take a lighter again. The best thing is that these also come in a multi pack, so when the time comes and you have worn it down to the nubbin, simply swap it over and keep lighting!

The cool thing about using a ferro rod is that you will never burn yourself again, I have been a victim to the common thumb burn when trying to light a stove in an awkward angled attempt. With this, you strike from a distance and let the 3.000 degree sparks do their job.

They have a great video which I will post HERE , you will then be able to see it in full action!

I really do rate this product, Although it is not the cheapest item around, these will last a long time and is also a lot of fun to use, Thank you Tortoise Gear for thinking outside the box and coming up with a spectacular product!

Get the coffee on and enjoy!


Cheers for all you do.