A huge thanks to the Burton and McCall company, who gave us the opportunity to review the STANLEY FOOD JAR.

So I got sent the Stanley Food jar to review, Before I get into the technicalities of this product I will let you know how the test started.


Prior to filling this product I was aware that it can keep hot things hot and cool things cool. Starting work at 7am, I thought that I could start the day with a hot coffee before getting to the office.


So this food jar is not just a thermos, being able to hold water and solids, it opens up more potential than many other thermos containers on the market due to its wide mouth. I guess that most would fill this receptacle with a stew or soup, Although I am sure someone “could” add a lobster to the pot for a posh lunch time snack. Not for me thanks.


This product is not light weight, It feels tough and made to last. The makers even boast that this comes with a life time guarantee. Being completely water proof and made from 18/8 Stainless Steel this is a product that will be passed down from generation to generation.


I have reviewed a thermos flask before and it was good but nothing compared to this one. At 6:45 in the morning, I pick it up and popped the lid, It twisted open and the seal broke with a pop. I STUPIDLY put my fingers into the wide mouth and wow.

I burnt my hand, I could not believe how hot this liquid was. (quickly under the cold tap) and a few tears shed.

I know that boiling water is not technically “food” but the contents were just as hot as they were when they first went in!


I use this product a lot, soups are my main delicacy, although it has supported me with a few take away left overs too.

Costing around 30 pounds, it is not cheap compared to others. With STANLEY, the phrase buy cheap, buy twice really comes into play.

A paragraph on their website says,

Funny story: Only complaints we get about this stout little guy? It works too well. Fill with a steaming cuppa whatever keeps your bones warm in the morning, and it’ll come out steaming hot by dinner time. #SorryNotSorry

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Thanks for reading folks.


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