Being located close to the river Stour in Dorset, I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to spend much needed time on the bank in search for a prime specimen.

When stalking the bank recently, I came across something that made me ponder.

A 60 year old gent relaxing amongst the trees enjoying life with a hot brew in one hand and a rod in the other. This chap was out of the wind and looking as though he was floating on a cloud without a care in the world.

This is a review and not just a story of how I stalked an elderly gent along the river. I am going to share with you a review about a product that has really made me think about sleep systems whilst fishing or when wanting to rest in the wild.

The wise old man was in fact using a hammock to keep himself snug, an amazing idea and something that I have never thought of before.

Light weight, totally portable and available to hand in the most bushy of areas.

Doing some research on my return home, I realised that the wise old man is not the only one who enjoys swinging from the trees when dangling a line. It makes total sense, on a nice day, why would you want to be stuck inside a bivvy? Is fishing not about being in the great outdoors?

I present to you a leader in the hammock world, the Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock.

Not just a hammock but an all weather protector, an adaptable sleep system to create the most comfortable solutions to getting a bit of rest.

To be fair this style may not be for all the hard core carpers out there but I do feel that this could be an option for those on a one nighter or those just wanting somewhere to kick back for a day.


The Lawson Blue Ridge hammock is an absolute beast of a hammock, Not only does is boast an interior width of 42″ its also 90″ long to support the longest of anglers. This item is nothing like the traditional hammocks, the use of the spreader bar at each end not only provide stability it also ensures that the room is maximised within the cocoon preventing you being squashed up like a taco.


I slept in this hammock and I must say that it took some getting used to. I really was not prepared for such a comfortable night, with my artic sleeping bag I was incredibly toasty.


Now the Blue Ridge does also come with a full rain cover, perfect for those nights when the weather changes. It simply hooks on and within 2 minutes you are totally protected from the elements. The good thing about this is how adaptable it is to changing weather conditions.


Testing this with the hose pipe, the rip stop rain fly kept out 100% of moisture and the benefits are that its fully breathable so reduces the likelyhood of condensation dramatically.

Within the shelter you will find an array of pockets and clips to hold all your personables, lights can be hung up and phones kept in the dry.

One thing about this hammock is that it can also be used on the ground as well as in the air, if no trees are available then simply peg it out and away you go. Perfect for all areas, all preferences and all venues.5465.jpg

Packing up at 22″x6″ it folds down to the size similar to robin Hoods quiver and with its high standard construction it will even hold Little Jon with a maximum weight limit just shy of 20 stone!

Having a variety of ways to kip is something that not all bivvies can offer. OK, it is not a bivvy and will not house all the gear that we want for an extended session, but if you are wanting to roam the banks and have a crafty day or one nighter then this could be an option for you.

I cannot wait until I go out again, I have the perfect lake to get this quality hammock out and relax whilst waiting for a bite, will it catch me more fish? NO, will it provide me with a cosy nights sleep off the ground. YES!!!

Now this Hammock is available online, click HERE if you want to find out more!

Their website provides customers with the opportunity to rate the hammock, out of 93 reviews. 73 gave the Blue Ridge 5 stars whilst the remainder gave it 4.

From my point of view I feel that this hammock sleep system deserves a strong 5, due to its adaptability to the changing elements.

Don’t forget to check out their website and keep us posted on your thoughts.


Take care on the banks people


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The Fishing UK app Team.